Who am I?

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my pictureYou’ve made it! You are on my site, which means that you are looking for some casino tips. I have to say that you are in really good hands!

My name is Tommy Robins and I’m the man behind Portero Hill. Want to know some more about me? Well, I’m just a regular guy who likes criminal movies, video games and casino. I’ve studied Statistics and Math, that’s why I’m all about fancy excel files when it comes to, well when it comes to everything. No matter if I do my groceries, buy a ticket for a plane or play a casino game. Everything has to be noted down, so I can then keep track of everything.

Finding connections between the things is my real passion. I love to analyse things to see if I can improve my daily activities. That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to start this website. I want to help other players to see how much they can achieve when they will start to follow my simple rules.┬áIf you are unsatisfied with your current casino winnings, you will for sure feel a difference. Follow my site and you will become a master.

My site and all my files are completely free of charge, I do it just because I want to help other players like you and me.

Thank you for visiting!