My favourite games

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Ok, so you probably wonder what games do I play to get some winnings? I will show you few examples so you will know what to look for on the casino site.

The first thing that I always check before I will start playing a new game is the RTP. RTP is a theoretical payout percentage which shows how much you can win. I’m well aware that this number is just an indication, however, it’s there for a reason. Casino providers always check their games before launch date to find out what is the potential return to the player. If they make all the hassle to check it, then there must be a reason for it.

You can find it in the info or settings section in almost every game. Of course the higher it is the better. I usually don’t play games with RTP lower than 98%.

My favourite casino games

First of all – I play roulette, either live or automatic one. I have my own system which has never failed (so far). I will get back to it in my blog posts and you will then be able to follow my technique. It’s simple so don’t be scared or intimidated.

After all, roulette is not a super complicated game and I can bet that each and every one of you has seen it or played it at least once in your life. You can bet on numbers, colours, odd or even numbers and so on.

My second favourite game is Blackjack. It requires some skills and luck, but it’s also not super complicated. As long as you beat the dealer you are on good track. I play blackjack for over 10 years now and I have improved a lot. Soon I will make a guide with tips and tricks that you can use when playing blackjack online.

The last group of the games that I play is casino slots. I don’t play slot machines very often but when I do – I pick the ones with RTP of 98% or higher. I usually play slots when I receive some free spins for free from the site. They send it quite often when the new game is being launched. I spin few times and if I win I move on to the roulette or blackjack.

I used to play poker online and I still do from time to time, however, games mentioned above are the ones that I play almost every day. I’m pretty sure you will find your favourite games after few rounds in the casino.